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Over 50 years of innovation

Henry Levison, the owner of a company called Permanent Pigments, based in Cincinnati Ohio had been milling oil colours since 1933. In 1955, Permanent Pigments launched a new product. 

This new artists’ medium was formulated with a new acrylic polymer resin and it did things that no other medium had done before:

•    it could go from thick to thin and everywhere in-between,
•    it dried very rapidly for easy re-working, layering and masking and with good stability,
•    it adhered to virtually anything from canvas to paper to metal to wood to plastic to plaster, and most importantly,
•    it could be thinned and cleaned up with water.  

Henry Levinson had created the first water-based acrylic paint.

Levison tried to come up with a name for this new medium, one that would capture its essence and the fact that it could go from fluid liquidity to heavy texture and everyplace else in between. The name became Liquitex, a combination of liquid and texture.

Today, Liquitex offers the largest array of vibrant acrylic paints, mediums and tools to enable acrylic artists to continually explore their art and take it to new and unprecedented boundaries. With innovative drive, creative passion and an intense desire to share the joys of artistic expression through unparalleled education and community outreach programs, Liquitex is and will continue to be a strong partner to help artists explore their art for decades to come.

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