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Conté Sketching Pencil are a high quality range of sketching pencils, in different grades of hard and soft, which will meet the artist’s every demand.  

The range comprises unique colours, like Pierre Noire with black matt shades and Carbon for fine lines and details, not to mention the Graphite which is ideal for most sketching techniques.

Product range:
• Individual pencils (see further detail on links below)

• The Sketching Metal Box
  21-piece set of 12 assorted sketching carrés, 6 sketching pencils, 2 paper stumps and 1 putty eraser

• The Studio Metal Box
 12-piece set of 12 sketching pencils in different brown tones, suitable for still life drawings.

• The Sketching Set
 18-piece set of 12 assorted sketching carrés, 3 sketching pencils, 1 stump, 1 tortilion and 1 putty eraser

• The Studio Sketching Set of assorted accessories

  • Canson
  • Charbonnel
  • Conte
  • Snazaroo
  • Lefranc
  • Letraset
  • Liquitex Footer
  • Reeves Footer
  • Genkem
  • St Cuthberts Mill  3
  • WN Footer
  • St Cuthberts Mill  3
  • Genkem
  • Reeves Footer
  • Liquitex Footer